LA Mod 2.1 4x4 Submod[Update August 21,2015!]

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    • LA Mod 2.1 4x4 Submod[Update August 21,2015!]

      LA Mod 4x4

      have I changed in my version that differs from the stock LA Mod? I have actually lost track. I did have a list at one time but some how it got lost.

      Version Numbering Information:
      For Example 2.1.0
      2 is the LA Mod Version it is based on. LA Mod 2.1 in this case.
      1 is the series number. When I have some new features to add or make major changes not related to bugs, this number goes up.
      0 is the patch number. This means patch 0 has been applied.

      Download Mod
      Released: March 13 2014
      Los Angeles Mod v2.0.12 4x4.e4mod -

      Alternate Scripts:
      Ambulance Fix - MAY NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH PATCH 9(for now).
      Spawn 1 Paramedic and 1 Stretcher Crew for ALS Ambulances.
      Spawn 1 EMT and 1 Stretcher Crew for the BLS Ambulances.
      3 scripts need to be placed in the scripts
      folder(scripts->game->commands) overwriting the two that are in
      there. Do this after installing patch 7.
      Download: Ambulance Fix

      Compatibility with other Submods:
      Xplorer4x4 mod with YSB changes (Available) - The YSB submod was specifically designed to expand on my submod.

      - I would guess 80% or more of the lighting comes from various versions
      of PRL. If you insist in installing PRL Submod you will loose certain
      functions and I will not explain how to fix this.

      LED Submod
      - Well the LED Brush Truck is included. The EMS Charger is as well. So
      are the ALS and BLS Fire Engines. Units not listed here from the LED
      submod are not compatible.

      Occram's Lighting Mod -
      Again units will loose some functions. I have included some of his work.
      Sadly he hasnt released that many prototypes yet, but I love his style
      when it comes to rotators so I hope to include more of his work as he
      releases it.

      Additional Units Submod - All the units
      are included, but some have been disabled at my preference. To enable
      them again simply open freeplaybase.xml or freeplaybase_d.xml in a
      program like notepad. Look for lines that contain <!-- and -->
      remove those markings. For example:
      <!--<vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/09 Government/uscg_boat.e4p" count="1" />-->
      Edit it to look like this:
      <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/09 Government/uscg_boat.e4p" count="1" />

      Los Angeles Mod v1.9.3 SG
      - NO. Plain and simple, but Shane's work was awesome, and the driving
      inspiration behind my work so dont be surprised to see some

      90's Submod - Again units will be
      lacking commands, but it will technically work, however you would have
      to edit the XML files and some scripts(like LASiren) to be compatible.

      w00ds Map 1 and 2
      - They are not compatible with this submod, however work is in progress
      to update these maps with the same functions, and new functions as

      Soulbodys Army Medic/General - You would have to do some file edits, but otherwise, yes.

      Unmarked Units Submod
      - The unmarked Charger is included. Otherwise I have not included any
      of there units, but if you want to do the file edits, yes.

      LEV - The model is already there, you just need to enable it by following the directions mentioned in regards to AUS.

      Fire Station 1 now housing 2 Paramedic Assessment Engines(1 Medic/3 EMTs rather then 2 Medics/2EMTs) and 2 BLS(4 EMTs) Engines now with LED lightbars.Battalion Chief, EMS Capitan, Swift Water Rescue, Large Rescue Ambulance which I have renamed Rescue 7 and serves strictly as a Large Walk In Rescue, and over to the side is the Heavy Rescue Crane.

      Here is the new ALS Engine(Engine 17 an USFS Truck reskin), the Tower Ladder which spawns in place of the Hazmat truck(Hazmat may be stationed at FS1 in the future), Battalion Chief 2(may be reskined to show Batallion2 text in the future), EMS Supervisor Dodge Charger, and LED Brush Truck.

      Here you get a look at the LASD Station which has parking for three units.

      Next we have the LAPP(LA Port Police) Station. It has room for three LAPP Squad cars and prisioners can be dropped off here by LAPP Squad cars

      The three parking spaces from infront of the LAPD Station were moved in back. Prisoners now enter the back door. There is room for thee swat trucks(Swat SUV, Bear, Bearcat) behind the two large Heavy Rescues. Also shown are the LAPD SWAT Heavy Rescue and LAPD Bomb Squad Heavy Rescue. The ATF NRU can park here as well and now has bomb squad personnel and robot on bored.

      Check out the mod for more changes and enjoy!

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    • I couldn't find the rules of the site so I hope double posting is allowed now.

      Update(Patch 11):
      A member named YSB at the other Emergency forums, put out a patch for my submod awhile back. I have finally added his patch back in to mine(mostly), and in doing so I noticed some minor bugs mostly in relation to staffing of certain units. So now you get his patch along with tweaks and bug fixes to his patch to restore things back to the way I intended them(weather it be personal preference or realism). One such bug was the Battalion Chief call for a Paramedic Assessment Engine. If the truck was empty when the command was executed, the LED version of the PAE was not being staffed with any medics.

      New Unit: CEMP - This is
      the California Emergency Mobile Patrol. Hoppah has mentioned the USAR
      Dog SUV was a fictional unit. While I believe this unit serves more as a
      Command Post then a dog transport vehicle, at least it is a real unit
      from a real USAR organization.

      Easter eggs - 4 hidden signs through out the map. I will not say yes
      or no to each location guessed. I will simply say yes or no that you got
      them all right or wrong. I have not quite settled on the reward and the
      number of winners. So get busy guessing!

      There may be some additional bug fixes that I forgot to mention!

      Questions, comments, concerns, feedback, anything?
    • Patch 12 uploaded:

      CEMP siren fixed.
      SWR staffing fixed.
      lightforce command now sends tower from fs2 and als engine from fs1 if
      als engine from fs2 is dispatched. Otherwise it spawns another ALS
      engine and tower lader.
      Ambulance patch updated for the towrer lightforce changes.
      Links are in first post!
    • Jemand eine Idee wo man den YSB Mod findet? Würde den gern mal ausprobieren.

      Der 4x4 Mod is aber auch Klasse. Danké. ;)


      Anyone an idea where to find the YSB Mod? Cause I would like to try it out.

      The 4x4 Mod is fantastic. Thanks. ;)

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