I'm Starting a High Quality Mod Team

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    • I'm Starting a High Quality Mod Team

      Hello community,

      I am writing to you all because I'm looking for talented members to join a modding studio
      I'm the leader of the modding studio and all work is 110% voluntary and we'll be making 2 different mods for 2
      completely different games (Emergency 4) and ArmA II the Arma II mod is set in world war II in the Eastern front.
      I don't want to give to many details away just yet

      Were looking for talented members with the following skills

      3D Modeller
      .Be able to make High and low polygone models and have knowledge of how to Uvw-unwrap
      if not be willing to learn how to un-wrap
      Software:the 3D Modeller must knowledge and have at least one of the following programs,3D max,Blender 3D,Cinema 4D

      .Be able to make high quality textures for things like,weapons, vehicles
      Software:the Texture must knowledge and have at least one of the following programs: Photoshop,Paint.net,Gimp and any other paint software

      Be able to make a variably of Animations
      software of your choice

      Be able to script things into the game
      software your choice again

      Other things
      Have Skype (Would be nice if you had a mic but don't have to)
      Teamwork skills and be able to work with others.
      No age restrictions as long as you can produce high quality work

      Here's an example of a 3D model I'm working on (World War 2,Work In Progress)


      If your interested please let me know

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    • First question, what are your modding skills? Just 3d modeling or more?

      Second, what do you want to do? Most people in here only join if they already know what the final mod is supposed to be like.
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