Emergency2 mission with the tank

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    • Emergency2 mission with the tank

      Hi again,

      I have now come to a special mission with a tank guarding the parliment with a bad general inside, but I don't know how to get past the tank??

      Can somebody help me?

      Thanks a' lot Elias
    • Hi,

      i have found this link:


      You must scroll down to "Mission 11".

      And here the Translation:

      Attention, the tank shoots! Drive all your police unities round the government palace to the left side! Take also from 2 fire brigades with then the street below on the left from the palace block so that the tank only outside rum must go (Infoscreen)! In addition, one can prevent with road blocks that of the tanks to the gate goes! Shoot now as long as at the parking tank vice, until he explodes and a hole travels in the fence! Proceed now on the area and go to the main entrance! Storms now with protection the main entrance of the building and shoot the 1-st watchman! Road to you now with the help of marksmen and normal shooters away to the room of the general (completely on top 2.) (room of the boss)! Verhaft him and ready is also this mission!

      (Translated from abacho.de^^)

      I hope that helps you.