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  1. § 1 Field of application

    The usage of the EMERGENCY community message boards (following 'website') published by the provider is subject to the following regulations. The usage of the website is only allowed if you approve this terms uf use.

  2. § 2 Registration and terms of use

    1)The registration and usage of this website is free and allowed after the twelfth year of life.
    2)For registration you will have to fill the following online form. After the confirmation of your e-mail adress in order to verify your data, the account will be activated by the provider and the free usage agreement will be accomplished.
    3)Object of the usage agreement is the free usage of the website as online communication and message plattform with the provided user account.
    4)The provider reserves the right to change and adapt the content and structure of the website. This also includes the graphical user interface.
    5)The usage of the user account is only allowed by the person, wo has registrated the account. The owner of the account is responsible for abuse. Every user is only allowed to own one account at the same time. The usage of copyright protected terms, vulgarly expressions or website adresses in the account name is not allowed.
    6)The provider strives to provide the website preferably without any downtimes. In case of technical problems this won't be possible for the whole time. The user has no claims on constant availability of the service.
  3. § 3 Duties of the user

    1)As user of this service your are under the obligation, not to write or publish any postings or messages, that violate this usage agreement, public morals or the established law of the Federal Republic of Germany. It's forbidden to write and publish,
    a) offensive and untrue content,
    b) racist, discriminatory or pornographic content,
    c) trademark or copyright protected content without the permission of the owner,
    d) spam posts,
    e) content and postings with advertisements,
    f) postings and messages with commercial intention and
    g) operating procedures harming content and actions.

    2)In order to achieve properly operating procedures and provide a common discussion base for all participants, you commit yourself to,
    a) write postings and messages within your own capability preferably without failures considering orthography, punctuation and case sensitivity,
    b) provide ratings and unfounded expressions only with the internal rating function,
    c) avoid confusing formatted postings, the excessive use of smileys or completely upper case postings,
    d) wait 12 hours (30 minutes in multiplayer boards) between two posts in the same topic, if there is no other post between your original and the next post,
    e) include your own graphics and screenshots only as thumbnails,
    f) relinquish to include copyright protected graphics and photographs without permission of the owner into the board,
    g) relinquish to use fullquotes and shorten quoted texts to the important parts,
    h) relinquish to ask for release dates and new informations of modifications and other content,
    i) post presentations threads of modifications only, if you show screenshots (in-game or editor screenshots) with essential parts of your project and
    j) comply with the rules of our incident board, case studies board, off-topic board and of the WebDisk download databse.

    3)You also commit yourself to the following regulations of avatars and signatures:
    a) Avatar: 150 x 150 Pixel width and height, 80 kilobyte file size.
    b) Signatur graphic: Only one graphic, 728 x 90 Pixel width and height, 150 kilobyte file size.
    c) Signature: Maximally five lines of text (12 pixel; if you use a graphic, only one additional line of text is allowed) in due consideration of the style of the community message board.
  4. § 4 Violation of the usage agreement

    1)In case of violation of the usage agreement by the user, especially in case of the before mentioned sections § 2 and 3, the provider is allowed to quit the usage agreement without notice or to impose the following sanctions:
    a) Complete or partial deletion or edit of the content, provided by the user,
    b) issue of warnings or aggravated warnings or
    c) temporal or permanent banishment of the community message boards.

    2)The mentioned sanctions can only be issued by the provider or team members charged by the provider.

    3)Warnings are hints for the user in case of minor and first misconducts in order to inform the user about the misconduct. Warnings don't have consequences for the user account.

    4)Aggravated warnings are issued by serious misconducts and violation of the usage agreement. If a user has four aggravated warnings, the account will be automtically banned by the community message board software.

    4)In case of temporal or permanent banishment you can contact the provider by the following e-mail adress (beschwerde@emergency-forum.de) in order to request a review of the sanctions.
  5. § 5 Transfer of usage rights

    1)If you create and publish a topic or post, you allow the provider to use your written content completely free without any time limitation. The provider is allowed to unlimited provide, edit, delete, close and move the content.
    2)The transfer of usage rights is persistent, even in the case of termination of the usage agreement.
    3)The provider is allowed to transfer the content (e.g. modifications) provided by the user into the WebDisk download database without any compensation and provide the files completely free to other user. The copyright remains at the original copyright owner.
  6. § 6 Limitation of liability

    On this website, user can provide their own content for other user. We can not assume any liability for such user created content, especially in case of validity, integrity and acuality. In case of infringements of the law by user created content, the user obliges to undertake any third-party claims directed to the provider.

  7. § 7 Approval of elicitation, processing and usage of personal data

    With registration and usage of the community message boards personal data will be collected (name, birthday date, e-mail adress and ip adresses). The processing and usage of personal data is necessary for the operation of the community message boards, e.g. for the assigment of threads and posts to user accounts and the login process. The ip adresses are only gathered during the registration and the creation of new threads and posts. The data will only by evaluated in suspicion of law infractions. The elicitation, processing and usage of personal data is ensued under considering of European and German data protection law and in association with our privacy policy.

    With confirmation of our usage agreement you particularly agree to the elicitation, processing and usage of personal data by the provider.

    In addition personal data can be used by third parties by order of the provider under considering of European and German data protection law. Information about the usage can be read in our privace policy.

  8. § 8 Alterations, duration and termination of the usage agreement

    1)The provider is allowed to change the usage agreement at any time. The changes will be published at the website priorly. In case of substantial changes, the provider will obtain the consent of the user again.
    2)The usage agreement will be contracted for a indefinite period of time.
    3)Both the provider and the user can terminate the usage agreement without any notice and reason. In case of termination or revocation the account and all personal data will be deleted. For revocation or termination of the account you'll have to write to accountverwaltung@emergency-forum.de. Revocation is only possible, if you use the orignal e-mail adress used at the registration