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Newest Files
  • Agerskov modification 1.2

    BMA - - 0 Comments +9

    Version 1.2 of my Agerskov modification.
    - Fictive Danish city
    - New vehicles
    - Custom scripts
    - Brand new Freeplay map

    Please read README file for credit to the people who deserves it
  • Dutch submod of the Bieberfelde Modification.

    - New vehicle models
    - New persons models
    - Dutch skins
    - Pepper spray script
    - New fire station
    - Added a canal with new accidents
    - Ambulance station South moved
    And more..

    Known bugs:
  • FFAA MOD v.2.1

    georgecnp - - 0 Comments

    New version of Spanish Army Mod. Enjoy it!
  • 112VenloModification V4.0

    Rickbal - - 0 Comments +5

    Release of version 4.0 of the 112VenloModification.


    There are many updates to the vehicles and the map. The modification contains a new alarm script and enhancements to the missions.

    - Status 5 for emergency vehicles.
    - Rapid…
  • OSP Zolynia Modification v2

    ungreez - - 0 Comments +7

    Polish OSP Zolynia Modification v2 takes game to Zolynia, village in south-east Poland. It allows player to take control on Zolynia's Volunteer Fire Brigade. Modification has many new realistic vehicles. There are also vehicles of State Fire Brigade…

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