Vehicle Submod for "Em2 goes Em4" mod

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  • This is a submod to the Em2 goes Em4 mod that adds new vehicles. Our aim was to recreate the look of the original vehicles as seen in Emergency 2.

    Install the Em2 goes Em4 mod first. That mod is required for this one to work.

    Once you have that mod, copy paste all files from this mod into the folder for Em2 goes Em4, and you should be good to go.

    This submod does not replace vehicles, only adds them alongside what is already provided.

    A credits list for all authors is included in this file, along with a readme.
    Additional information
    itchboy/fuzzyfuzz, Ghost Grahpics Designs
    Rules of use
    1) This is only for use as an addon for Em2 goes Em4 mod.
    2) If you want to use the assets, please PM me either here, or on my Emergency-Planet account, where I am known as itchboy.
    3) Credit must be given if you intend on using any of these in your mods. To make things easier, I'll allow you to copy paste the .pdf into your mod, so that you don't have to make a separate document just for any assets you use.
    4) Not for commercial use! You cannot make any money from these assets
    5) Only for use in the Emergency series of games. You are forbidden from converting these to other games outside of the EM series.

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