Miami Modification V2.2

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  • Version 2.2: (Delete the old mod version and paste a new one). If thats your first installment please check the readmefile.

    Download patch 2.2.1

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    Not fixed:

    - Police dept parking lots bugging;

    Version 2.2.1 fixes:

    - Fixed persons control bug in MP;
    - Fixed CTD on the stuff command on Unmarked Dodge Charger in MP;
    - Fixed parking space in MP;
    - Fixed going back to firestations in multiplayer;
    - Fixed missing battalion chief;
    - Fixed missing icons for multiplayer;
    - Fixed script eror for lifeguards;
    - Added multiplayer;
    - Added surfboard and fire extinguisher for lifeguards;
    - Added permanent coronas folder for people that don't read manual;
    - Swapped detective for RID officer;
    - Fixed bird flu call;
    - Fixed for the firehydrants near wallmart;
    - Fixed paths and traffic list;
    - Numerous changes and improvments on the map;
    - Fixed parking lots in the garage;
    - New incidents. (Like new RTC);
    - Fix for traffic lights causing jams. (Use traffic debug if you still got problems);
    - Corrected spawn points for bat chief called untis;
    - 4x Swat callout shouold no longer make 2 trucks stuck in each other;
    - Dispatch calling out unit now have beep sound;
    - Slowed down callouts rate;
    - Permanently removed snow blizzard and units saboteur calls;
    - Fixed firestations parking spots. (If you got stuck you can use parking script to unstuck it);
    - Fixed stepping on a ladder inside firestation;
    - Fixed persons on a roof;
    - Tweaked all models to use less memory - should lag less on low end PCs.

    A Miami modification for Emergency 4 game featuring:

    • About 100 new playable units. - We have replaced all units types with new moddel (and even more).
    • New custom freeplay map. - New map (in freeplay and deluxefreeplay version) with a beach, large police dept, 2 firestations, hospital and Lifeguard tower.
    • Complete optimization. - Unlike other mods, anything that is not used - gets deleted, unnesasry prts of the moddels with high count of polygons - reworked.
    • Highest amount of aircraft compared to other mods. - Thats been said, we have new helicopters and airplanes.
    • Compelte UI. - Complete UI on commands and units and equipment.
    • New scripts and sirens. - We have all the nessesary scripts for your fun: parking script, limited water supply script, single strecher, traffic debug, and much more.
    • Top of the line bluelights. - Best bluelights that can be found (but they are optimized from what you saw on the videos).
    Please check readmefile for instructions on how to properly install the mod! (I'm sorry it is only in English)

    Additional information
    EmC-Unit, FInn Rescue 12, Itchboy, Dyson
    Rules of use
    Terms of usage for players are simple, you can store a copy of the mod on your computer but re-uploading or re-distribution of this modification file is strictly prohibited.

    Terms of usage for modelers are:
    - Usage of the assets is allowed only for EMERGENCY game series;
    - Strictly nonprofit and no income use;
    - You must give a proper and full credits under (or on) the images of your posts either on the forums or discord groups and in the readme file.
    - If you are using any lights from our mod, you must add FInn Rescue 12 to the credits.
    - Usage in sub mods, mods, private mods that contain Miami in them are prohibited.
    - Creating and posting sub mods edits (addons) for the mod is not allowed. For example adding more fire stations or making new units for the mod.
    - Uploading separate 3d models with your edits are not allowed.
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