Volkswagen T5 / T6 System Strobel + FD Servis

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  • VW T5 & T6 Ambulances with different variations of lightbars and ramps.

    Those are heavily used in our country (CZ) by EMS services. It is a variation of System Strobel by FD Servis.

    The pack includes white and yellow textures, transparent and psd files as well.

    If there is any problem hit me! I will try to solve it.

    Additional information
    Nicco, VPI, Stormi, Florian Hagen, Janku, Itchboy (fuzzyfuzz), Vojtula
    Rules of use
    1) Can be used only in Emergency games series
    2) Name the authors - Stormi, Florian Hagen und Janku, Itchboy, Vojtula
    3) Do not monetise the models
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