Amsterdam-Amstelland Modification V1.1.1

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  • Amsterdam-Amstelland Modification v1.1

    This is an update to the Amsterdam-Amstelland Modification v1.0F posted back in 2013.
    Because the v1.0F version had some bugs but I do love the custom map and vehicles from that specific mod I decided this mod deserved an update getting rid of some of the bugs.

    • Debugged dispatch suicide jumper script
    • Debugged dispatch Hostage situation script
    • Debugged dispatch bomb alert script
    • Debugged dispatch small rescue script
    • Debugged dispatch 4t alarm ("Uitruk zeer grote brand") script
    • Added hooking up a trailer with boot to the firestation 1 rescue squad vehicle ("Post 1 HV")
      • For coming changes to the dispatch of water related incidents
    • Enhanced dispatch firestation 1 Wateraccident vehicle ("Post 1 Waterongevallen") script.
    • Changed the point where personel for this vehicle is spawned at the firestation and added more time for the diver to enter the vehicle before the vehicle exits the firestation.
    • Added the cancellation of police vehicle send on patrol when given another order.
    • Made it possible for riot-police officers to arrest suspects, even when they have their shield equipped
    • Added script to have riot-police officers to place suspects in a squad car
    • Debugged script for Rijkswaterstaat road inspector (engineer) to enter his vehicle
    • Debbugged the parking and unloading at the hospital script
    • Added a parkingscript for all emergency vehicles
    • Enhanced Spawning and flow of civilian traffic on the freeplay map
    • Added ambient sound to all parts of the freeplay map
    • Changed the background music

    • Added Modification Selection Menu icon
    • Changed Freeplay Loadingscreen background
    • Finished "Mobiele Eenheid" (Riot Police) Prototype which was already in the 1.0F gamefiles
    • Added dispatch "Mobiele Eenheid" (Riot Police) script
    • Dispatch "Mobiele Eenheid" (Riot Police) to the "Uitruk Demonstratie" (dispatch for demonstration) script
    • Finished "EOD" (Bombsquad) Prototype which was already in the 1.0F gamefiles
    • Added dispatch "EOD" (Bombsquad) Prototype script
    • Dispatch "EOD" (Bombsquad) to the "Uitruk Bommelding" (dispatch for bomber) script
    • Finished "Brandweer dienstauto Polo" (FD Service Car VW Polo) Prototype which was already in the 1.0F gamefiles
    • Finished "Brandweer dienstauto VW Fox" (FD Service Car VW Fox) Prototype which was already in the 1.0F gamefiles
    • Added a personel entrance at the Firestation Willem (Firestation at the south east corner of the map, firestation 1) to make it possible for the firemen to enter and exit the service cars parked outside
    • Added parkingspots for the service cars at the Firestation Willem
    • Added spawning the Polo, Fox and Piketwagen service cars at freeplay loadup
    • Added doors (although hidden behind the skin as there were no seperate door models available for the vehicle) to the Rijkswaterstaat vehicle, making it possible for the highway road inspector to enter and exit his vehicle.
    • Debugged the "Uitruk middelbrand", "Uitruk grote brand", "Uitruk zeer grote brand" en "Uitruk Grip 1" (second, third, fourth and fifth fire alarms) scripts
    • Enhanced parking and unloading of ambulances at the hospital
    • Added and debugged changing clothes of firemen to scuba gear, gassuit, diver, toxic gassuit (decon), trafficvest or firefighter with turnout gear script
    • Added and debugged changing clothes of police officers to trafficvest script
    • Added changing clothes of bomb squad personel to protective gear or scout script
    • Added equip "Mobiele Eenheid" (Riot police) officers with riot shield or flasbhang
    • Added equip "Arrestatie Team" (Swat) officers with ballistic shield or flasbhang script
    • Added "Arrestatie Team" (Swat) scout officer to the spawn "Arrestatie Team" script
    • Debugged most of the dispatch scripts to enhance performance (game gets stuck for a moment while loading all vehicles to dispatch)

    • Add a parkingscript
    • Add quick attack including changing firemen from turnout gear to scuba gear
    • Add limited watersupply on the engines and laddertrucks and a hydrant system
    • Add dispatch and spawning of Regio HA OGS (Decontamination container truck)
    • Add dispatch poisonous gas leak alarm script
    • Add spawning of trailer with boat at firestation Willem at freeplay loadup
    • Add script to dispatch firestation 1 rescue squad to hook up to the boat with trailer before leaving the firestation
    • Add waterrescue dispatch alarm script
    • Add spawn and dispatch of rescue crane from region script
    • Add car in the water rescue dispatch alarm script
    • Add contamination incident to the map
    • Add person drowning incident to the map

    Will follow asap

    Additional information
    Bernt, A-Rescue, Hoppah, Joopjr, DutchDev
    Rules of use
    All credits to the original creators
    See Read Me.txt
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