Skoda Octavia 2013 Combi / Limosine Einfärbetextur

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  • Skoda Octavia 2013 Combi / Limosine Einfärbetextur
    Anbei zwei Einfärbetexuren für MikeyPis Skoda Octavia, die Texturen für Combi und Limosine wurden hierbei außen grundlegend überarbeitet.


    Das Modell ist HIER zu finden.
    Additional information
    MikeyPI, VPI
    Rules of use
    Es gelten ausschließlich MikeyPIs Regeln:

    1) This model may be used within other modifications without the author's consent under the terms/conditions that the author will be credited for their work on this model. Failure to credit voids the fair-use terms of usage for this model package. Please give credit where it's due.
    2) This model may not be used for-profit in any way, if it is to be used as part of a for-profit project the author must be contacted prior to release of aforementioned project regarding additional terms/conditions which may apply.
    3)This model may be used in emergency 4 modifications and subsequently released to any medium per the terms/conditions stipulated above.
    4) This model may not be distributed as a standalone package/product on other websites other than
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